Black Psychologist
Dr. Nathaniel A. Wilson III, Psy.D.
Brief Bio

Dr. Nathaniel Wilson obtained his Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Denver. With an emphasis on holistic care and optimal living, Dr. Wilson has developed a clinical practice on wellness for families, individuals, and couples in Atlanta. In addition to teaching graduate courses in psychology at an area university, Dr. Wilson’s research work and specialty practice involves offering Ntu psychotherapy – an Africentric approach to health and healing, which is based on the traditions of the Bantu people of West Africa. Although he has been in the field of mental health for over 10 years, his work as both a relational and family adoptions life coach is among his current endeavors.

As NTU additionally focuses on the “essence” that defines who we are, the approach encourages us to realize that we are not separate from all we desire to positively experience and attract in our lives. Ntu principles assume that all could lead a harmonious, balanced, authentic life, with strong interpersonal ties and relations.

Affiliations include memberships to the Georgia Psychological Association, American Psychological Association, as well as the Association of Black Psychologist.

At the Atlanta Center for Family Wellness, LLC (ACFW) our chief mission is to assist others in re-examining their life perspectives, to learn from past experiences, and choose a healthy and holistic way to living.

With an interest in assisting families, individuals, and couples to lead more authentic lives, our services focus on achieving optimal levels of health and wellness.